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We asked regular users of Amanote how went their last exams and the results are incredible !

Two-thirds of students who use Amanote frequently passed all their exams and 84% passed at least half of their exams.

In Belgium for example, the country of origin of Amanote, the average success rate for the first year of higher education is only 40%. With a total success of more than 66% in the first exam session, users of Amanote seem to prove that good tools promote good notes !

So, how does Amanote promote success?

  • Amanote is an handy tool that eases note-taking. And without notes, we’re not going anywhere. This is the basis of any proper study method.
  • By taking clean and structured notes on their laptop, students boost their productivity and gain a considerable amount of study time. That lets them have more free time for leisure and relax before the exams.
  • The program encourage student collaboration, it is now simpler to share notes with other students thanks to Amanote.
  • New features are frequently released, such as the new « Questions & Answers » on the slides that let you get explanation from other students or teachers; without even leaving your laptop !
  • With the recording feature of Amanote, no need to panic when you miss an explanation during the lecture. Simply listen to this part when you get home. Moreover, the sound is linked to the slides, so much easier to navigate through the recording to find a specific part.

There are still plenty of reasons that makes Amanote a great tool for success… Then why not find out more by yourself?

Noé Delépine


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