High success rate for Amanote users – good tool promotes good notes

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We asked regular users of Amanote how their last exams went and the results are incredible!

Two-thirds of students who use Amanote frequently passed all their exams and 84% passed at least half of their exams.

In Belgium for example, the country of origin of Amanote, the average success rate for the first year of higher education is only 40%. With a total success of more than 66% in the first exam session, users of Amanote seem to prove that good tools promote good notes!

The plan for success is for sure to take notes! Here is our top 5 reasons why students who take notes are more successful. But you should know that good notes matter in class, as well as after class;

The benefit of taking good notes in class is mostly the fact that it can help you focus and better understand the main concepts of a course. Taking notes simply improves your active listening, comprehension, and retention of the subject matter of a course. In the end, taking notes helps you better remember what you hear and see!

But after class, good notes are also crucial! It allows you to review what you have understood, makes you understand what you didn’t have time to look at during the lecture, and simply better study the class material. All of this helps you prepare appropriately for your exam session. 

Clean and structured notes save you time, energy, and confusion! 

Now you know that good notes matter! And this is totally aligned with the mission of Amanote: helping all learners to easily take successful notes that promote great learning and of course good results at school. 

But how does Amanote promote success? Let’s learn about it in our article.

Noé Delépine


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