So, how does Amanote promote success?

Amanote - Note-taking app

Amanote is an amazing app; so much that the success rate at school for its users is very high. If you want to know more about this, just read our article!

You may think why; here are the explanations. 

First thing first, we all know that taking notes is beneficial to students; and Amanote is a note-taking app specially designed for students. 

  • Amanote is a very handy tool for note-taking. Indeed, this app allows you to take notes alongside your course support (such as slides in a PDF format). The app directly binds each page of notes with the corresponding slide! 
  • This software encourages student collaboration, it is now simpler to share notes with other students! Amanote also provides you with a discussion area, where you can chat with other members of your group on the app, ask your questions, and then better understand the subject matter of a course. 
  • With the recording feature of Amanote, there is no need to panic if you have fallen behind on your notes during the lecture. As a matter of fact, you just have to listen to what you have registered after the class. Moreover, the recording is linked to the specific slide, so easy!
  • There is a “Summary” view directly available in the software. This feature is very practical since it gives you an overview of all the notes taken on course material. It can help find the important parts of the document or the annotated slides, or simply search for a particular topic covered in the course.
  • New features are frequently released, to always allow students to take better notes and understand their course more easily. Features such as the new « Questions & Answers » on the slides that let you get explanations from other students or teachers; without even leaving the Amanote app!

All those aspects can totally help learners to have clean and structured notes. Also, some features are useful if you like doing a summary of lessons. 

Amanote is definitely a great note-taking tool for students. Overall, students boost their productivity thanks to Amanote, and gain a considerable amount of study time while being more than ready for their exams. This allows them to have more free time for leisure and to relax !

There are still plenty of reasons that make Amanote a great tool for success… Then why not find out more by yourself?

Sarah Kos


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