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Note taking on PowerPoint

What Students Say

University of Cambridge

Amanote allows me to take notes on slides in an intuitive way that really helps me as a visual learner. It has made my note-taking and revision so much more efficient.

Polly Hooton
University of Cambridge

🧠 Keep your learning organized

Meet Amanote your personal Learning Knowledge Base and never lose what you have learned. All your notes and learning content in the same app organized in spaces.
Keep your notes organized

🪄 Generate summaries

See all your notes and highlights in a special view in which you can filter them by colors. So if you highlight all definitions in red, you can filter the red to see all the definitions.
Generate summaries

📃 Print or Export

Once your note-taking finished, you can print it or export it to PDF or into a Word document with different layout option. You can do the same for your generated summaries.
Save or export to PDF

All the features you need

Amanote is delivered with a large set of features that ease your note taking and your study.

Formula & tools

Amanote let you insert mathematical or chemical formulas (LaTeX), drawings, charts, code, etc.

Note sharing

Amanote can generate a code that lets you easily share your notes to your friends.

Pencil Compatibility

Amanote is also compatible with a Pencil on computer and tablet.
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