A modern note-taking app designed for higher ed students

Note-taking on slides

Although some students still favour handwritten notes, there is an increasing number of them embracing the technology provided by laptops and tablets to take easily-alterable and easily-shareable notes.

The key for more convenient digital notes

Students who are using their laptops or tablets for note-taking will all agree on this point : it can be really laborious to take notes on a word processing software and combine them with the many course materials used by the professor. Teachers are more and more using the PowerPoint medium to illustrate their lectures, hence the development of Amanote, especially designed to help students associating the slides with an efficient form of note-taking.

The foremost feature of Amanote is to enable you to take notes when a slide show is used as a visual support. The app binds each page of notes with the corresponding slide, easily providing its user clear and organized notes. Amanote certainly includes all the tools existing in a word processing software, such as the possibility to add titles, datagrids, charts, LaTex mathematical formula,… which will help the student taking more accurate notes.

Improve your notes, improve your learning

Amanote is definitely suitable for company presentations or conferences, but it offers various functionnalities that will make the app inescapable for many and many students.

An innovative feature displayed by Amanote is the possibility to synchronize an audio recording of the course with the slides used by the professor. The student recording his lesson with Amanote will be able to replay specific parts of the audio track, binded by the app to the corresponding note pages.

Particulary adapted to the large amount of notes required by universities and colleges courses, the app will soon offer a note-taking accelerating device. On the basis of the slides’ content, Amanote will make to the student a few suggestions about the end of the word he is writing. Amanote will draw its proposals from a glossary of words it would have defined as adequate to the content of the lesson. This feature will certainly prove itself to be highly handy, as it will make the student spare a significant amount of time when it comes to take notes during an intensive course.

Note, save, share

Sharing your notes and collaborating with other students is an important aspect of the success throughout the schooling in university. There lies another innovative feature Amanote is offering. The app provides to its user a cloud storage saving system, allowing the student to access his notes everywhere, on all his electronic devices. More than that, Amanote is also equipped with a note-merging system, that enables all the students using the app to share their notes with their fellow students when the course is over.

Simple and convenient, Amanote will soon confirm itself as an essential computer tool for the students willing to enhance the qualité of their learning medium.

More information on https://amanote.com

Noé Delépine


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