The easiest way to podcast lessons

Amanote allows to record a lesson (face-to-face or remote) and make it accessible online (on your LMS) in a few clicks.

Amanote - Podcasting solution for teachers

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Create a podcast in 3 easy steps


Connect to a beamer

Plug your laptop to a beamer or any projection device and simply open your presentation or course material within Amanote.

Plug beamer

Click on Record

Give your lessons as you normally do. You have nothing more to do, Amanote takes care of everything.

Start podcast

Upload your podcast

Stop your the recording at the end of the lecture; you will be able to resume or edit it later. Students can now get access the podcast with the intelligent audio-slide synchronisation.

Upload podcast

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A user-friendly solution

Amanote offers an easy-to-use solution that does not require any software installation or account creation. Amanote “Podcast” allows you to record oral explanations for any PDF course material (slides, syllabus, article, etc.) and share them with students.

Embed anywhere

You can embed your content anywhere and edit anytime

And much more...

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