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Whether to create MOOCs or to flip your class. Amanote allow you to easily combine your slides and your voice.

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Create a MOOC in 3 easy steps


Open your slides

Open your course material in Amanote. That can be slides or any PDF document.

Plug beamer

Start the recording

Start the podcast mode and give your lesson. Amanote will automatically sync your voice with the slides.

Start podcast

Export and share your MOOC

You can simply share the podcast code or a link that they can open with their web browser.

Upload podcast

Already Trusted

Having already appealed to more than 100,000 users, Amanote proved itself to fit the students' needs. Our application has received support not only from students, but also from both academic and public authorities.

Amanote has already been supported by several schools and universities. This attests the reliability of our approach and the quality of our product. We truly hope that your school will be the next to trust Amanote and benefits from the advantages it can bring to your students.

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