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Provide the best learning experience with the first note-taking application specifically designed for students.

Amanote - Note-taking app
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Note-taking on slides and syllabi

Amanote allows students to take clear and structured notes linked with their course materials.

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  • Digitalize your institution

    Digitalize your institution easily and without changing your teachers' habits.

  • Increase student success rate

    Provide high quality tools to your students and help them in their academic success.

  • Support collaboration between students

    It's easier for student to collaborate with digital notes. Amanote allows to share notes easily.

  • Have an impact on the environment

    Encourage your students to use less paper.

Already Trusted

Having already appealed to more than 60,000 users, Amanote proved itself to fit the students' needs. Our application has received support not only from students, but also from both academic and public authorities.

Amanote has already been supported by several schools and universities. This attests the reliability of our approach and the quality of our product. We truly hope that your school will be the next to trust Amanote and benefits from the advantages it can bring to your students.

How it works?

Example with Moodle


Teachers provide

Teachers upload their course materials (PDF files) to Moodle as usual.

Plug beamer

Students open

Students can then choose to open the course material from Moodle to Amanote. They don't have to create an account, everything is linked to Moodle.

Start podcast

Students take notes

Once the course material is opened in Amanote, the students can annotate it in a clear and structured way.

Upload podcast

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Advisory Board

Amanote has been endorsed by many experts and our team can always count on their knowledge and their opinion.

Marcel Lebrun
Marcel Lebrun

President at IAPU (International Association of University Pedagogy)

Eric Haubruge
Eric Haubruge

Vice-Rector at University of Liège

Jean-Michel Rigo
Jean-Michel Rigo

Vice-rector Research at Hasselt University

Olivier de Wasseige
Olivier de Wasseige

Director of the UWE (Union Wallonne des Entreprises)

Vincent Keunen
Vincent Keunen

Founder & CEO at A7 Software)

Hubert Brogniez
Hubert Brogniez

Founder of Finalyse

Georges Daube
Georges Daube

Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at University of Liège

Alain Ejzyn
Alain Ejzyn

Program Director at University of ICHEC

Vincent Englebert
Vincent Englebert

Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science University of Namur

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