We've been using online material sharing tools for several years (Moodle), but we wanted to make the experience more collaborative, going beyond the idea of just delivering content.

Valeria Folloni

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The University of Modena & Amanote together to improve students' learning experience

Discover how the University of Genoa enhanced the learning experience for over 6,000 students with Amanote, a powerful note-taking tool. Adopting Amanote resulted in 140,000+ notes taken annually, allowing students to seamlessly link their notes to course materials. Tiziana Podestà, from the University of Genoa, said, “The biggest advantage is undoubtedly that it can be integrated with the university's teaching platform (Moodle).“ This success story showcases Amanote's immediate impact, user-friendly integration with existing LMS, and the University's endorsement of the tool for other institutions.
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The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Unimore) is a renowned institution of higher learning in Italy, offering a wide range of quality study programs to meet the diverse needs of its students. Committed to providing the best learning opportunities and an exceptional academic experience, Unimore has adopted innovative technology solutions to support its students and enhance their academic success. Learn how Unimore has successfully transformed the learning experience for its students by integrating educational tools such as Amanote.

1. The Decision to Implement Amanote at Unimore

The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia decided to implement Amanote to enhance the learning experience of its students by providing them with a note-taking tool tailored to their needs and fostering collaboration. Valeria Folloni explains that the university was looking to go beyond the simple delivery of content offered by existing tools like Moodle:

For several years we have been using tools for sharing online course materials, but we wanted to make the experience more collaborative, going beyond the idea of simple content delivery.

2. The implementation

Amanote's seamless integration with Moodle was a major asset for Unimore, allowing us to enhance the learning experience in no time. The impact is immediate due to its retroactive mode of operation.

The Amanote team has provided us with an essential feature by allowing us to "convert" resources already online without having to reload them.

3. Self-adoption of the tool

The implementation and adoption of Amanote at Unimore was quick and spontaneous. The university did not need to run a promotional campaign to encourage student use of the tool. Valeria Folloni explains:

We did not implement a promotional campaign for the tool, its use was entirely immediate and spontaneous on the part of students.

As an example, more than 68,000 sessions were recorded last year, which shows interest from students.

This spontaneous adoption is a testament to the ease of use and appeal of Amanote to students. Valeria Folloni adds:

Because of its ease of implementation, it allowed us to get almost immediate "results." The dedicated budget was minimal and we got tangible results in a very short time, which even get stronger over time.

4. Would you recommend Amanote to your colleagues in other organizations?

Valeria Folloni has no hesitation in recommending Amanote to other institutions, pointing out the many benefits the tool offers to enhance the student learning experience and facilitate peer collaboration:

Absolutely. More organized note-taking optimizes study and leads to better final results, and the ability to export work to PDF or Word format allows students to share and compare their work with their peers, improving the quality of individual study.

By sharing her positive experiences with Amanote, Valeria Folloni encourages other institutions to consider adopting this tool to enhance their students' learning experience and maximize their academic success.

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