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Amanote - Note-taking app

Amanote finally improves note taking during presentations, lectures and conferences

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  • Take better notes

    Take clear, structured, and comprehensive notes directly on your course material.

  • Improve your grades

    Students using Amanote have shown a better success rate than the student average.

  • Save time

    Be more productive with Amanote and get more time for yourself.

  • Share notes

    Share your notes with other students and get ready for the exams.

The perfect app for students

Amanote has been especially designed to offer a solution that is adapted to the students’ needs. It aims to increase their productivity and efficiency during lectures and study session.

Innovative Features

Amanote is delivered with a large set of features that ease your note taking and your study.

Smart Audio Recording

When you listen to the recording, Amanote tells you what slide we're talking about.

Export to PDF

Export your notes below each slide/page to PDF.

Formula & tools

Amanote let you insert mathematical or chemical formulas (LaTeX), drawings, charts, code, etc.

Sync Across Devices

Amanote can backup to cloud and synchronise your notes between all your devices.

Note sharing

Amanote can generate a code that lets you easily share your notes to your friends.


You can use the highlighter to bring out the important parts of a slide with different colors.

Time Tracking

During the lecture, Amanote tracks the time passed on each slide and can generate statistics to let you know which slides are the most important.

Focus Mode

When enabled, Amanote prevent to open other applications (such as Facebook) for a specified period, to stay focused on the lecture/study.

Summary View

Visualise your notes in a single view, sorted by different options and search for specific information easily.


A note-taking acceleration system that suggests you the end of the word to write. This system is based, among other things, on the slide contents and use a dictionary adapted to the context.

Listen to podcast

Listen to a podcast created by your teacher directly from your notes.