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Note taking is one of the most important elements of student success

  • The quality of notes and a student’s performance at school is almost always mutually inclusive.
  • Note-taking might be one of the most important skills a person can develop while they are in college.
  • It helps students gain a deeper understanding of the academic material and make it their own knowledge.
  • With Amanote, students take notes in context so they can focus on what's important instead of writing every word the professeur say.
Students academic success with note-taking

How does it work?

Amanote can be integrated with your LMS or used as a standalone solution.

Install Amanote on your LMS

Install the Amanote plugin on your LMS. Either via the marketplace of your LMS or via the script. In most cases, it only requires a few clicks.


Learners take notes

Amanote is a quick-win solution: All compatible course materials (PDF, PowerPoint, ePub, video, ect.) on your LMS become automatically annotable by learners. The impact on the learning experience is immediate.

Save or export

Learners can save and view all their notes in Amanote or export them as PDF or DOCX.

Save & Export to PDF

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Even easier with LMS integration

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What Institutions Say

University of Namur

Positive feedback of students arrived immediately! Results have been really encouraging: 1 student out of 2 used the application, and more than 50% of students found a real added value using Amanote for note-taking.

Eric Willems
Eric Willems
Learning Technologist

What Students Say

I have been using Amanote since the beginning of the year to annotate slides. I find it much more organized than OneNote.


This is by far the best note-taking software I've tested so far.


Perfect application to reconcile note taking and course slides. It allows you to have everything on one support and avoid scattering.


Amanote makes it much easier for students to take notes and avoids wasting paper.


Amanote is the most intuitive solution I've found to date for annotating teacher slides.


Amanote is a great help for note-taking in audiences. Goodbye pen and paper and hello digital format!


I have ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and this app helps me a lot.


The features offered by Amanote are ideal for studying. Thanks to Amanote I can study much more easily and the interface is easy to use!


Amanote makes it easy to take notes with slides without having to print them. It's a paper saver!


I use Amanote for all my courses, I'm in Bac 3 medicine at UCL. It's practical to take notes in class without worrying about the layout.


Amanote is an application that I am comfortable with for writing my summaries.


Amanote is an amazing app and helps a lot with note taking during class. This way my class and notes are much better structured and organized!

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