Amanote - Anonymized mode

To improve user data protection and simplify adoption by educational institutions, Amanote has developed an anonymous mode that implements the concept of "Privacy by Design" and allows Amanote to be used without storing personal data.

The anonymized mode in Amanote can be activated upon the client's request. Once enabled, Amanote proceeds to create user accounts without storing any personal information that could identify the user.

For technical detail about the implementation of the anonymized mode, feel free to contact us.

Limitation : The limitation of this mode are the following:

(1) The collaborative features work, but posts and answers are anonymous.

(2) The “submit to teacher” feature works, but the teacher cannot know from which student the notes/work come from.

Those features can be disabled at the request of the client.

Flexibility : The anonymized mode is flexible, and it is possible, at the request of the client, to store the user’s full name to use the collaborative and submit to teacher features. Another option is to set a pseudonym, so the student can be recognized during collaborative work.

Anonymized mode and GDPR : Amanote's anonymized mode neither processes nor stores personal data. Consequently, institutions can benefit from Amanote's products with confidence, knowing that their learner privacy is protected by design.