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Innovative features

Audio recording synchronized to slides

With the slide-synchronized audio recorder, when you replay the recording, Amanote tells you which slide matches which moment on the soundtrack. In other words, the audio recorder follows the progress of the slides.

Statistics about the slides

An analytical and statistical system tells you which slides are the most important ones. During the presentation, Amanote measures the time spent on each slide, and during replay shows you which slides most time was spent on.

Cloud backup and sharing

Amanote can backup to cloud and synchronize your notes between devices, so you can access your notes from anywhere and everywhere. The application brings also a social aspect, based on collaboration, using a sharing and merging system of notes between users.

Coming soon

Note-taking accelerator

An accelerate note-taking system which auto-suggests the word you want to type, based on the content of the slides, and the use of an appropriate dictionary relevant to the context.

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What people say

Amanote User

François Rigo

« Amanote est le logiciel qui me permet enfin de prendre des notes claires et structurées à tous mes cours, avec un panel de fonctionnalités pour faciliter mon étude. »

Amanote User

Emilie Drion

« Amanote comporte des fonctionnalités exceptionnelles pour une prise de notes extraordinaire. Révolutionnaire! Gain de temps non négligeable en cours. »

Amanote User

Quentin Boileau

« Je l'utilise déjà à tous les cours. »

Amanote User

Yoric Petitfrère

« Avec Amanote, la prise de notes est bien plus rapide et ça permet d'être plus efficace. »

Amanote User

Bryan Steyns

« Amanote regroupe les meilleures fonctionnalités, permettant des prises de notes structurées et de qualité. »

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